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Our conference Resource Center is located in Randolph, Vt. and has nearly 2000 books, videos and dvds to use in local church educational ministries.

When returning AVs or printed materials mark them "MEDIA MAIL" and the postal department will ship them at a less expensive rate. Pre-addressed return labels will be enclosed with all resources, for your convenience.

Since many of our AVs and printed resources are in continual use throughout the state, we ask that you handle them with extra care. We do expect a certain amount of wear with use, but you are responsible and will be billed for replacement of resources lost or beyond use.

Looking for the on line version of the Resource Center Catalog? You've come to the right place. The catalog is divided into three sections:  Author, Title, and Subject.  You can also do a "keyword" search of the catalog.




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(updated July 1, 2014) 

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The Conference Resources Center is not currently staffed. Resources are still available. Please be in touch with Charri Robinson at or by calling the Conference Office  at 802-728-4999, Tuesdays-Fridays from 9-4:00 pm.

Resources may still be browsed and checked out any day the office is open:

 (Tuesday-Friday, 9-4:00.)

You may wish to call ahead and make certain that a meeting is not taking place in the Conference Room because that makes some resources temporarily unavailable.

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