Friends of the Vermont Conference

You can also mail a check to the Conference Office at 36 N. Main St. Randolph VT 05060.

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Giving to "Friends of the Conference"

It's a wonderful thing to be in covenant together; I love feeling like a part of the wider church and knowing that my "peeps" are there for me. In my experience, "whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey" is not just a slogan -- it's the doorway to radical hospitality that is at the heart of the gospel.


And when I feel welcome, embraced, loved, I like to give a little affection in return. That's why I give to Friends of the Conference -- rather than just being supported by our congregations, the Conference needs individuals like me to show some support, too. Since I get so much out of feeling like I belong with my UCC friends on committees, at Clergy Convocation, at Annual Meeting, at worship in many different congregations where I do pulpit supply throughout the year, it seems only fitting that I should give something to sustain those relationships and keep the love flowing. 


Won't you consider giving to the Conference too?


Rev. Debbie Ingram

I am a "sustaining friend" of the Vermont Conference for several reasons. It is convenient and my bank has a far better memory than I.


I am honored to be the Treasurer of the conference and feel obliged to contribute.


Most importantly, I am proud of the fine work the conference does in support of our VT Conference local churches. 


Please consider becoming a "friend" of the Conference.


Remember, being "sustaining friend" is easy and automatic. Your contribution will help the wonderful work of the conference continue.

Hal Drury


To be a "sustaining friend" means that Hal uses automatic monthly electronic donations. This allows us to plan on income.