*United Church of Hardwick, Inc                        Organized:    1894                                                This is an Open and Affirming Congregation

    Pastor: Rev. Dr. Evelyn E. Lavelli                         Church Phone:  (802) 472-6800                           Handicap Access:   Yes

   Church Location: 216 S Main St                           Mailing Address: PO Box 396                              Hardwick              05843-0396                                                                  


   *Greater Hartford United Church of Christ       Organized:   1827                                                 This is an Open and Affirming Congregation

   Pastor: Ms. Sally Ann Silfies                                  Church Phone:  (802) 295-9635                          Handicap Access:   Yes

   Church Location: 1721 Maple St                          Mailing Address:         PO Box 265                     Hartford                        05047-0265                          


   *First Congreg. Church of Hartland UCC           Organized:    1779                                                 This is an Open and Affirming Congregation

   Pastor: Rev. Lucia Jackson                                    Church Phone:  (802) 436-2224                          Handicap Access:   Yes

   Church Location: 10 Station Rd                           Mailing Address:           PO Box 454                    Hartland          05048-0454                                                         

   Mailing Address:       PO Box 454                         Hartland          05048-0454       


    * United Church of Hinesburg, UCC                  Organized:    1789                                                  This is an Open and Affirming Congregation

    Pastor: Rev. Jared Hamilton                                Church Phone:  (802) 482-3352                            Handicap Access:   Yes

    Church Location: 10570 Rte 116, Hinesburg Village   Mailing Address: PO Box 39                      Hinesburg             05461-0039        


   First Congregational Church of Hubbardton    Organized:    1784                                                   

   Pastor:                                                                     Church Phone:  (802) 273-3303                              Handicap Access:   Yes

   Church Location: 1985 Rte 30 N, Hubbardton     Mailing Address: PO Box 92                                Bomoseen             05732-0092                    

 Hyde Park

   Second Congregational Church, UCC                 Organized:    1863                                                    Church Email:         2congo@myfairpoint.net   

   Pastor:                                                                     Church Phone:  (802) 888-3636                              Handicap Access:   Yes

   Church Location: 26 Prospect St                         Mailing Address:  PO Box 216                                Hyde Park        05655-0216