Healing of Memories
Workshop Notes that may be helpful

1. How our memories, especially those we think we've forgotten, secretly control our thoughts, feelings & actions.

Sexual abuse, verbal or physical abuse, painful losses (e.g. abortion or miscarriage), experiences from conception to today - traumatic experiences, unforgiven guilt - me on the front porch

Look for times when you suddenly stop, feel anxious, numb, etc.

2. How to bring our memories out into the light.

Talk with someone and explore what happened, Remember places of your past, how you felt how the experience has effected you, how you feel now (denial, anger, depression...)

Excellent book: Dennis, Sheila & Matt Linn: Healing Life's Hurts

3. How Jesus can bring healing to wounded memories.

What is involved: re-experiencing the past with new resources - Jesus! - so the overwhelming pain/fear comes into balance E.g. person afraid over bridges.


  1. Relaxation: safe, undisturbed place, posture, breathing, eyes closed, perhaps a hand to hold
  2. Starting the prayer Imagination:
  3. Picturing/Hearing/Feeling a safe place
  4. Meeting Jesus
  5. Going with him to the event/person/place
  6. Letting Jesus lead you through new experience

    Tell stories: Abused woman, my experiences with my mother

4. A guided prayer for healing a memory.

  1. Find a partner and hold hands
  2. Relax
  3. Find Safe place - check to see how it's going
  4. Picture Jesus - check again
  5. Invite Jesus to bring you to a person or place that needs healing.
  6. Let him help you.
  7. When you are done, open your eyes.
  8. When both are done take a few minutes to share.

-the Rev. Marsh Hudson-Knapp


The basic text about healing:
MacNutt, Francis. Healing. Ecumenical Edition. $7.95

An easy way to begin praying with others:
Mac Nutt, Francis. The Prayer the Heals. $4.95

A basic guide to healing personal wounded memories:
Linn, Dennis & Matthew. Healing Life's Hurts. $6.95

To explore healing in your church:
Wagner, C. Peter. How to Have a Healing Ministry without Making Your Church Sick. $8.95