Seeking and Calling a Settled Pastor

Congratulations! You've completed the first step on your journey to a new settled pastor with the calling of either an interim minister, bridge pastor or designated term minister. Now for the next chapter in the journey: the settled pastor search.


The settled pastor search has several steps along the way to its conclusion. The resources provided here will help you along the way. However, your best resource is the Vermont Conference staff. They are here to serve you in everything from working through the process of developing your local church profile to sending candidates for your consideration, logistics for neutral pulpits and any other discernment and coordination needs you may have. Make sure you are in close communication with the Vermont Conference staff!

Correspondence with candidates

It is very important to communicate with candidates, particularly at three points: when you first receive their profile; when you want to advance their candidacy to the next step; and when they are no longer being considered. Download the samples below to get started:

The Local Church Profile

The UCC Local Church Profile is recommended for churches seeking a full-time settled pastor. Those churches seeking a part-time pastor are encouraged to use the Vermont Conference's "Leaning Forward into the Kingdom of God" program to develop a narrative profile for interested candidates.

Evaluating & Interviewing candidates

The downloadable resources below will help you learn how to read candidate profiles, prepare for interviews and evaluate candidates.

The Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers of the United Church of Christ (commonly known as “Marks”) is a foundational tool in evaluating authorized ministers in the UCC. In the Pastor Profile, candidates are asked to respond to the Marks in their long form answers.