Pilot Hope Fund Projects

Centre Church in Brattleboro


"Jesus delivered his most provocative and best remembered message ‘on the mount’ (Matthew 5-7), that was outdoors. Being outdoors and on a mount enabled Jesus to be accessible and visible, respectively. After almost two years of coaching and consulting by Paul Nickerson, Centre Church better understands that its location (central) is key to its relevance and viability in the greater-Brattleboro area and thus the accessibility and visibility of the church is seminal. Yet currently, the vital ministries implemented and the gospel demonstrated are almost ‘hidden under a bushel’ (Matthew 5:15) – the bushel being our beautiful edifice that is the ‘Jewel on Main Street’. If we are to follow “the example of … Jesus”, we must improve our accessibility and visibility."



West Dover Congregational Church


"The Church’s role in this athletic community-building work is twofold: 1) We are one of the groups that would use such an established community venue to reach community members in need and 2) We bear witness to God’s abundance and love of poor, working-class and other communities by providing a free venue for exercise, fun and education in towns overly invested in the interests of affluent vacationers to the detriment of local working class and poor residents, especially children."



Just Now. Just You. Just Love.

Love Church.

Randolph Center, Vermont


Love Church is a non-traditional worshiping community. We welcome everyone, including those who have not been connected with a church in the past or have left the traditional church for whatever reason. At Love Church we worship as we share a meal, hike in the woods, create art, dance, pray, laugh, sing, meditate, and love our neighbors. It’s all about love! Join us as we redefine what church can be.