"No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"

Welcome to the Vermont Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Church that believes in a Still-Speaking God and where there is room at Christ’s table for everyone, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey.


The Vermont Conference’s mission is to equip our churches for Christ’s mission and ministry today and tomorrow.  We provide events, coaching, and connections to the wider Church so our pastors and churches can grow in their vitality. We look to the present and future as we seek ways to be faithful followers of Christ and cherish the ties amongst our congregations, Associations, Conference and the wider UCC – as well as with our ecumenical neighbors and interfaith sisters and brothers.


The United Church of Christ is committed to working for a just world for all.  Our churches are active and engaged in their local communities as well as on state, national and global levels.  We invite you to learn more about the Vermont Conference through this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


From Ekit-Jan. 4, 2024
Dear friends,
We start a new year together this week, and I hope that your 2024 is
full of possibilities!
One special Conference vitality event coming up this year is going to
be with Paul Nickerson, a UCC minister who has served local churches,
worked on Conference staff and for the past 15 years has been a full
time consultant and coach to churches across the country, working with
all the mainline denominations. Paul has successfully worked with a
number of churches in the Vermont Conference, and he will be joining
us on Saturday, March 9 th from 930-3 at the Federated Church of
Williston for the seminar:
“How to Help Your Church Grow!” The topics he will go over include:
1. Clarifying your sense of Purpose and Vision
2. How to understand the Community and your Church
3. How to reach new people in the unchurched and de-churched
4. How to develop a discipleship program that helps people grow in
5. How to fund the future of our churches.
6. How online ministry impacts all the above topics
7. What very small congregations are looking at for future options
Each church will be asked to bring a team of a Pastor and at least 3 lay
people. Each of the above topics will be overviewed, and then each
church will choose the two areas they wish to address first. Churches
will be clustered in cohorts around these topics for a year of training
and coaching. In my experience, the year of coaching helps a church to
put the principles of a seminar into practice.

The Hope Fund is funding special scholarships for Vermont
Conference churches to participate. We ask for $100 for your church to
come to the seminar (lunch included for all your participants) and $250
for a year of coaching for your church. The first 10 churches that sign
up will be eligible for this price. Please be in touch with me at
sangreepucc@gmail.com if your church would like to sign up!
Faithfully yours,


Have you heard about The Hope Fund?