Farewell, Welcome and Blessings

Pastoral transitions since the 2021 Vermont Conference Annual Meeting

Departing Pastors

Rev. William Bartholomew retired and completed his ministry with Brandon Congregational Church.


Rev. Peter Hammond completed his interim ministry with Stowe Community Church


Ms. Theresa Lever and Nancy Fowler completed their interim ministry at

Berlin Congregational Church.


Rev. Susan Scott is completing her interim ministry with Norwich Congregational Church.


Rev. Barbara Purinton is completing her transitional/interim ministry with Weybridge Congregational Church.


Rev. Alden Launer retired from twenty years of ministry with Copley Hospital. 

(The Farewell/Retirement celebration for Rev. Launer is available here.)


Jeanne Zammataro retired as
Chaplain at the Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield, VT.

Arriving Pastors

Rev. Sara Rossigg was called as pastor of Brandon Congregational Church, Brandon, VT


Rev. Devon Thomas was called as pastor of Second Congregational Church, Hyde Park, VT


Rev. Dan Haugh - called as Pastor at Stowe Community Church


Rev. Julie Lombard- called as Pastor at United Church of Northfield


Rev. Alison Young called as Pastor of Berlin First Congregational Church


Mr. Michael Dwyer was called to be the settled pastor of the Pittsford Congregational Church.


Rev. Caryne Eskridge – was called as Pastor of the Weybridge Congregational Church


Ms. Michelle Fountain called as Pastor of the United Church of Ludlow


Rev. Jonathan Hauze called as Pastor of Norwich Congregational Church


Mr. Matt Deen called as pastor of Marlboro Congregational Church


Rev. Mary Hoadley called as pastor of Brownington Congregational Church


Rev. Rameen Zahed was called at the pastor of the Old Meeting House,  Montpelier, VT

In Memorium


Mr. Michael Mario, First Congregational Church, Springfield, VT


Rev. Dr. Ezra Chapola, Old South Church, Windsor Orange Association 


Rev. Mark Wilson, Waitsfield UCC , Village Meeting House


James Merriam, Northeast Association

Mary Hoadley, Northeast Association

Rameen Zaheed, South Central Conference-Houston Association

Caryne Eskridge, Southern New England Conference-New Haven Association

Ecclesiastical Council


On January 23, 2022 at an Ecclesiastical Council held by the Addison Association Abigail Diehl-Noble was approved for ordination.


On February 6, 2022 at an Ecclesiastical Council held by the Addison Association Andrea (Andi) Lloyd was approved for ordination pending call.


On March 20, 2022 at an Ecclesiastical Council held by the Southwest Association Rev. James Mills was offered Privilege of Call.